Introducing HOMESin part II

Launching at Housing 2019 Conference

HOMESin is a Social Housing portal launching with a dedicated focus on supported housing. It will quickly develop to include a portal for Local Authorities discharging their statutory homelessness obligations, for specialised supported housing, registered care services and for temporary and emergency housing.

Officially launched at Housing 2019 Conference in Manchester, HOMESin will be rolled out across the UK from September 2019. HOMESin epitomises Best Value; the outcome of Value Generation. Not only is it free to access and use in real time to commissioners, there is no cost to tenants; and landlords and providers only pay fee when they accept a tenant through the system.

About HOMESin

HOMESin logo 500

The idea was originally developed by a member of the HOMESin team Lee Parker, whilst working as a senior Local Authority commissioner. Due to the lack of a centralised system to identify appropriate housing for people with additional needs, Lee created a stripped-down version of the HOMESin portal and identified that there were far more supported housing vacancies than anyone was aware of and the situation of long waiting lists and high voids started to be resolved.

A few years later and through 18 months of development working closely with all stakeholders, HOMESin is now ready to help house people well, and end voids quickly.