Introducing HOMESin part I

The UK's Social Housing Portal

HOMESin is an online social housing portal that enables LAs, the NHS, Partnership Boards & any other commissioning structures to access in real time what will be a complete database of housing available to them in their areas. Each Commissioning Agency has its own dedicated HOMESin website at no cost to them. There are no upfront fees to landlords and care/support providers, a small fee is only payable when a tenant is successfully referred to their new home. Commissioners will have a desktop review function that identifies what they need to know about the accommodation & the landlord/provider, enhancing the referral process.

HOMESin is a ‘disruptive technology’ making up part of the digital transformation of social & supported housing & its interface with commissioners. We are bringing the best of today’s technologies together for social purpose, providing similar data and functionality to that of websites like Rightmove, ComparetheMarket, TripAdvisor, Amazon, Airbnb etc, with the added assurance that the data is not skewed by commercial interest.

We provides live, transparent, useful data that will directly contribute to raising the quality of social housing, housing management & support standards.

About HOMESin

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The idea was originally developed by a member of the HOMESin team Lee Parker, whilst working as a senior Local Authority commissioner. Due to the lack of a centralised system to identify appropriate housing for people with additional needs, Lee created a stripped-down version of the HOMESin portal and identified that there were far more supported housing vacancies than anyone was aware of and the situation of long waiting lists and high voids started to be resolved.

A few years later and through 18 months of development working closely with all stakeholders, HOMESin is now ready to help house people well, and end voids quickly.